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Rodríguez Ramos, Daniel Reaction mechanism of the enzymatic chlorination of amino compounds catalyzed by the myeloperoxidase–hydrogen peroxide–chloride ion system. A kinetic and computational approach.
Rivas Asanza, Wilmer Braulio A framework for sustainable information technologies governance
Torres Parada, Manuel Post-stroke Shoulder Pain: epidemiological study in the health area of the University Hospital Complex of A Coruña.
Vazquez Pozo, Monica Leabhar Gabhála Éireann: reminiscences of an intercultural relationship between Galicia and Ireland
Fuentes Loureiro, María Ángeles Letitimacy and contents of criminal law response in the field of waste
Martín Legendre, Juan Ignacio New insights into inequality: measurement, determinants and other socioeconomic issues
Rivadulla Costa, Diego Novel and Cultural Memory: the fictionalization of Francoism in Galician narrative (2000-2015)
Galaktionov Hodovaniuk, Daniil Compressed data structures for trajectory representation
Michaud, Florian Guy Bernard Neuromusculoskeletal human multibody models for the gait of healthy and spinal-cord-injured subjects.
Vázquez Ben, Lucía Introducing the Theory of Biological Evolution to primary education: posibilities and obstacles