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Nuñez Fiaño, María del Carmen The judicial mutualism: Protective action of the General Judicial Mutuality
Tejera Pérez, Cristina Temporal evolution of new prognostic scores in obesity after intervention group healthy habits in obese population in the health area of Ferrol.
Álvarez González, Marco Antonio Data Mining in the Gaia mission: Catalog visualization, processing optimization and stellar parameterization
Fraga López, Edmundo High pressure and temperature sample cell for the study of the in-situ hydratation of cements by synchrotron radiation
Codesido Vilar, Juan Carlos Current situation and needs of the civilian professional underwater activities in Spain. Study the regulations and harmonization proposals in European and international context.
Rey Vázquez, Luis Eduardo Citizen participation in Public Administration
Miguel Carrera, Jonatan Assess the impact of osteoporosis and fracture probability in patients with prostate cancer diagnosis in the area of Lugo
Martínez Fernández, Paulino An application of the Modern Portfolio Theory to the optimization of the European Union power generation mix from an environmental perspective
Fernández Rivera, Constantino Coronary disease in kidney transplantation: Incidence, typology, risk factors and outcome
Robles Bykbaev, Zobeida Yaroslava Modeling and analysis of the degradation of smart biomaterials for dental use, and the development and differentiation of bone cells through the differential culture of mesenchymal cells inoculated in dental scaffols.