Thesis processing monitoring

Author Title
Almazán Polo, Jaime Ultrasound evaluation of soft tissue of the abdominal and diaphragmatic region in sporty subjects
Álvarez Fernández, Inmaculada Design, governance and management performance of Marine Protected Areas in the North-East Atlantic Ocean
Álvarez Naveira, Antonio José Simulation of vortex shedding and vortex induced vibrations in multibox bridge decks Using CFD
Codesido Vilar, Juan Carlos Current situation and needs of the civilian professional underwater activities in Spain. Study the regulations and harmonization proposals in European and international context.
Colaço da Fonseca Rodrigues, Norberto António El tráfico de seres humanos en Portugal: la explotación sexual de mujeres
Costa Araujo, Izabela Regina Effects of poultry slaughterers wastewater application in eucalypus forests
Diaz Gallego, Francisco Dinis Urbanism and architecture of the Master Plan 1967. A Coruña in the crisis of the modern movement.
Fernández García, Laura Study of tolerance, persistence and resistance mechanisms in nosocomial pathogens: search of new treatments targets
Fernández Rivera, Constantino Coronary disease in kidney transplantation: Incidence, typology, risk factors and outcome
Fraga López, Edmundo High pressure and temperature sample cell for the study of the in-situ hydratation of cements by synchrotron radiation
Gil Negrete Martín, Josep María Triorganoindium Reagents in Cross-Coupling Reactions: Transition-Metal-Free Reactions with Benzopyranyl Acetals and Tetrahydroisoquinolines and Solid-Stable Organometallics
López Montero, Francisco Javier Study of wear by flow-accelerated corrosion in welded joints in low-alloy steels used in steam conduction pipes Study of the accelerated flow corrosion wear (FAC) on welded joints in low alloy steels used in steam pipelines
López Pena, Vicente Estrategia para la enseñanza gráfica visual en el nivel universitario
Madrid López, Antonio Brain stimulation techniques for the study of fatigue induced by movements repeated over time
Manresa López, María Carmen Assistance to the pregnant woman in the Real Hospital around the middle of 19th century
Marcos Pérez, Diego Association of frailty status in older adults with immunological, endocrine and oxidative stress biomarkers
Martínez Fernández, Paulino An application of the Modern Portfolio Theory to the optimization of the European Union power generation mix from an environmental perspective
Miguel Carrera, Jonatan Assess the impact of osteoporosis and fracture probability in patients with prostate cancer diagnosis in the area of Lugo
Muñoz Galán, Natalia Conductual Intervention in the Overactive Bladder and its impact in the quality of life
Perez Niño, Walter Fernando The justiciability of the right to education in the Inter-American and European Courts of Human Rights
Rey Vázquez, Luis Eduardo Citizen participation in Public Administration
Robles Bykbaev, Zobeida Yaroslava Modeling and analysis of the degradation of smart biomaterials for dental use, and the development and differentiation of bone cells through the differential culture of mesenchymal cells inoculated in dental scaffols.
Suarez Canedo, Luis Roman Music learning through the relationshing among western classical music and modern and popular music. Ethnographic research on post-secondary education.
Villar Piñeiro, Jose Luis Characterization of the Chronicles of the Indies of the Religious Ordes in Colonial America (16th and 17th Centuries)