Thesis processing monitoring

Author Title
Alonso Rodríguez, Ana María Philosophico-methodological analysis of research in education: the perspective of sciences of design
Ares Cuba, Gabriel Manuel Linares Rivas' Plays in front of the Socioeconomic Crisis in the first third of the twentieth century (1902-1936)
Barral Vales, Valentín Ultra Wideband location in scenarios without clear line of sight: a practical approach
Colaço da Fonseca Rodrigues, Norberto António El tráfico de seres humanos en Portugal: la explotación sexual de mujeres
Cortés Cortés, Joselyn Francis Genetic vulnerability to transsexuality. Analysis of a Spanish population
Doval Mosquera, Yerai Seeking robustness in a multilingual world: from pipelines to embeddings
Eiras Franco, Carlos New scalable machine learning methods: Beyond classification and regression.
Fuentes Loureiro, María Ángeles Letitimacy and contents of criminal law response in the field of waste
Galaktionov Hodovaniuk, Daniil Compressed data structures for trajectory representation
García Requejo, Zaida Mies at IIT. Connections between teaching and architecture
Lamas García, Mónica The lexicon of the horse in the Río de la Plata in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. A Contribution to the Hispanic lexicon.
López Pena, Vicente Estrategia para la enseñanza gráfica visual en el nivel universitario
Magaña Terrón, Luz Antonia Quality life profiles of older dependent people users of adult day care centres.
Martín Legendre, Juan Ignacio New insights into inequality: measurement, determinants and other socioeconomic issues
Martínez Doallo, Noelia The informed consent of the patient as fundamental right and subjective right
Martínez Guitián, Marta Study of new therapeutic targets against Acinetobacter baumannii by means of in vivo transcriptomic analysis and evaluation of new antimicrobial strategies.
Michaud, Florian Guy Bernard Neuromusculoskeletal human multibody models for the gait of healthy and spinal-cord-injured subjects.
Monje Amor, Ariadna The influence of structural and psychological empowerment on work engagement in service organisations
Perez Niño, Walter Fernando The justiciability of the right to education in the Inter-American and European Courts of Human Rights
Portela Carballeira, Rubén Determinants of plant invasiveness in clonal species: an experimental approach with Carpobrotus edulis (L.) N. E. Br. and Alternanthera philoxeroides (Mart.) Griseb.
Quezada Abad, César Javier Organizational justice, administrative management and ICT
Rico Rico, Jose María The senate facing a hypothetical constitutional reform: the pssible vithdrawal of the chamber of territorial representation through constitutional review
Rivadulla Costa, Diego Novel and Cultural Memory: the fictionalization of Francoism in Galician narrative (2000-2015)
Rivas Asanza, Wilmer Braulio A framework for sustainable information technologies governance
Rodríguez Ramos, Daniel Reaction mechanism of the enzymatic chlorination of amino compounds catalyzed by the myeloperoxidase–hydrogen peroxide–chloride ion system. A kinetic and computational approach.
Santaeufemia Sánchez, Sergio Application of bioremediation techniques for the elimination of contaminants through the use of microalgal biomass.
Seijo Pardo, Borja Information Fusion and Ensembles in Machine Learning
Toledo, Rolando Ignacio Special administrative courts and institutional arbitration tribunals for the resolution of disputes arising from public procurement Normative proposal of the institutional arbitral tribunal for the province of Chaco in this matter.
Torres Parada, Manuel Post-stroke Shoulder Pain: epidemiological study in the health area of the University Hospital Complex of A Coruña.
Traba, Luis Antonio Water security and water supply governance in Santa Fe Province (Argentina)
Vázquez Ben, Lucía Introducing the Theory of Biological Evolution to primary education: posibilities and obstacles
Vázquez Mosquera, José Manuel Construction process of the rural territory in Galicia
Vazquez Pozo, Monica Leabhar Gabhála Éireann: reminiscences of an intercultural relationship between Galicia and Ireland