The conferencing service is a multimedia service that allows you to connect two or more partners by voice and video streams, so that they can communicate with each other, and share other elements such as a desktop computer, a presentation, etc..


Some of the most typical use of this service include:

  • Working meetings
  • Departmental meetings (councils, jobs, ..)
  • Transmission of seminars and / or conferences
  • Remote Intervention speakers at conferences
  • Training courses.

The UDC centra servizes feature have videoconference rooms, higher than they can provide schools:

In Elviña Campus (multipoint):

  • Edificio de Servizos Centrais de Investigación. Salón de Actos. Capacity for 15 people
  • Edificio de Servizos Centrais de Investigación. Sala de Xuntas. Capacity for 50 people

In the Riazor Campus (monopoint):

  • Centro Universitario de Riazor. Capacity 25 people

In Esteiro Campus (multipoint):

  • Edificio de Apoio o Estudo. Capacity 60 people


There also laptops for videoconferencing or retransmissions of events halls.

For more than four sessions allowed participants booking the session.

Reservations for the different rooms are done in conserjerías of those buildings. In case of need or any other inquiries, will be made by e-mail to