Schools and Faculties Offering Programmes in English


 FACULTY/SCHOOL                                            DEGREE                                               

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration

Bachelor Degree in Economics
Phd in Business Administration

Faculty of Law

Bachelor Degree in Law
Phd in Law

Faculty of Philology

Bachelor Degree in English Philology
Master in Advanced English Studies and its Applications

Faculty of Physiotherapy

Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy

Faculty of Sciences

Bachelor Degree in Biology
Bachelor Degree in Chemistry

Master in Sciences, Technology and Environmental Management

Master in Cell Biology, Molecular Biology and Genetics
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Faculty of Computer Science

Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering

Polytechnic Higher School

Master Degree in Complex Materials 

School of Civil Engineering

Master Degree in Water Engineering
Phd in Civil Engineering 

School of Marine Engineering

Bachelor Degree in Marine Technologies
Bachelor Degree in Nautical Engineering and Shipping 

A Coruña School of Architecture

Professional Degree in Architecture 

Faculty of Education Sciences

 Bachelor Degrees

 Master Degrees