Examination of PhD thesis

Summary of procedures and deadlines for thesis deposit and defence

Guidelines for oral examination of PhD theses

Format for presentation of the thesis:

Copies of thesis (all theses should include: thesis summary in Galician, Spanish and English; introduction, objectives, methodology, results, conclusions, bibliography.

Documentatión to be submited to EIDUDC by the Academic PhD Programme Committee, in order to initiate PhD examination process:

All thesis:
"International Doctoral" certification:
Joint supervision of PhD theses
Theses submitted as collection of published articles
Theses with data protection:
  • Supervisor´s statement report of the thesis about the need of no total or partial publication of the thesis
  • Authorisation of Academic PhD Programme Committee for the no total or partial publication of thesis
  • One reduced hard copy of thesis, signed by supervisor/s, tutor (where applicable) and candidate
  • One reduced electronic version of thesis (PDF)
  • Declaration that electronic version of thesis is identical to hard copy version

Theses submitted in languages other than Galician or Spanish

  • Annex to thesis, containing thesis summary in Galician or Spanish (min. 3000 words).

Submission of thesis for examination

Thesis defence

Cum laude (distinction) award