The International Doctoral School (EIDUDC) offers training and development activities specifically aimed at PhD students. This offer is regarded as an essential tool for the development of the School's strategy.

The list of courses and workshops seeks to cover the various stages of the PhD degree. On the one hand, some activities are intended to provide the new PhD students with an overview of the organization and operation of a PhD program. PhD programs follow a dynamic and rules that a different from previous university levels (degree, master), so it is advisable to provide some guidance to the new students into these peculiarities. Other activities have been designed to strengthen the skills and abilities of the PhD student regardless of the year he/she is studying. Given the multidisciplinary nature of the EIDUDC, these activities are necessarily cross-sectional in order to be useful and attractive to as many students as possible regardless of their subject field. Finally, the offer includes activities and workshops primarily aimed at students who are close to complete their PhD degree and face the post-doc world.