The band of books

(November-December 2018)

Books that materialize in images; great works of literature that inspire illustrators and give rise to comics. This is the theme of the exhibition ' The Band of Books ' in the Library of Philology.



Pearse Hutchinson : the poet of the minority languages

(October 2018)

Pearse Hutchinson (1927-2012) was a poet and translator; he was born in Glasgow but his parents were from Ireland. He published his own poetry (in English and Irish), and he made translations from various languages, including Catalan and Galician, that he learnt when he lived in Spain.



the theater of our grandparents

The theatre of our grandparents : theatrical collections of the first half of the XXth century

(June-September 2018)

The 'Francisco Pillado Library' preserves many issues of theatrical collections that were born in the first decades of the 20th century; they had a small size, a poor editorial quality and a low price; and they had  a lot of sales success. They published theater classics and also recent successes that in many cases did not transcend beyond their time.


María Victoria Moreno

Día das Letras Galegas: María Victoria Moreno

(May 2018)

Born in Extremadura but Galician of adoption, María Victoria Moreno (1939-2005) chose to write in Galician language both her children's and young's narrative works as well as her literary studies, essays, poetry and the didactic of Galician language and literature. The Día das Letras Galegas is devoted to her in 2018.